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The PDF file below lists all 251 current local Councils of the Boy Scouts of America, based on the BSA's latest release of their National Service Territory Maps (6/2021).

PDF file showing all 251 current local BSA Councils, showing Council name, BSA number, headquarters city/state (country), and which of the 16 National Service Territories it is assigned to.

Special Information

"Mega" Councils

US Territories

Five US territories have permanent non-military populations:
Territories in the Caribbean Sea

Territories in the Pacific Ocean (all part of Hawaii's Aloha Council)

Non-contiguous Council

One Council is split into two sections that are separated by another Council. The west and east sections of the Laurel Highlands Council (Pittsburgh, PA) are separated by the Westmoreland-Fayette Council. [The east section was formerly the Potomac Council (Cumberland, MD), which merged into Laurel Highlands in 2014. More commonly, Councils merge with an adjacent Council.]

Councils that cover exactly one state (no more, no less)

Councils that cover the most states

States with the most Councils

Council Name Facts (interesting or otherwise)

Longest Council Name

Shortest Council Names

Council Names that are Too Popular (four pairs of Councils have identical or near-identical names)

Most Common Words

Compass Directions (most popular points of the compass)

Most Popular Numbers

Most Popular Colors

People or Places Named for People

Councils, Regions, Areas, & NST's

At first, the national BSA office supported troops directly, while allowing any group of men to form a local council to meet the needs of their community. In 1913, BSA began issuing charters to 'First Class' and 'Second Class' councils. First Class councils served areas with large populations and could afford to pay a full-time Scout Executive. Second Class councils were run by volunteers. By 1949 there were 543 local councils. The trend ever since has been to consolidate, with 251 councils as of June 2021.

To coodinate councils and build Scouting, the national office first created 8 large Sections covering the continental US in 1913:

In 1921, the Sections were reorganized into 12 Regions, which coincided with the twelve US Federal Reserve districts. These regions were numbered rather than named, using roman numerals I through XII.

In 1972, the twelve regions were consolidated into six named Regions:

In 1992, the six regions were further consolidated into four named Regions:

Finally in 2021, BSA consolidated/reorganized the 27 areas of those four regions into 16 numbered National Service Territories.

Girl Scout Councils

The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) also divide the country into Councils. Here is a PDF file showing all 112 current local GSUSA Councils & headquarters city/state.

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