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Confederation of European Scouts

Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme (CES)

Confederation of European Scouts

(9 member associations in 9 countries, perhaps 3000 members, founded 1978)

Known in English as the Confederation of European Scouts (to match the "CES" abbreviation), the CES was formed in Brussels, Belgium, in 1978. They stress the "European dimension" of their program and that they provide the "authentic Scouting of Baden-Powell". The CES split off from the FSE, apparently due to disagreements about religion and coeducation.

Member Associations listed alphbetically by country:

  1. Brazil—Associação Escoteira Independente Pirai [listed as a "correspondent member"; may no longer exist]
  2. Belgium—Europe et Scoutisme, 1977
  3. Germany—Bund Europäischer Pfadfinder/BEP, 1952
  4. Italy—Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana/ASCI, 1916
  5. Lithuania—Zwiazku Harcerstwa Polskiego na Litwie [listed as a "friended member"]
  6. Netherlands—FSE Federatie Scouting Europa Nederland, 1969
  7. Poland—Zwiazek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej [listed as a "friended association"]
  8. Spain—Organización Juvenil Española, 1960 [listed as an "official friend association"]
  9. UK—European Scout Federation (British Association), FSE-UK, 1959
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Europe et Scoutisme
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