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World Organization of Independent Scouts

World Organization of Independent Scouts (WOIS)

(20 member associations in 16 countries, around 15 000 members, founded 2010)

The World Organization of Independent Scouts (WOIS) was formed in 2010 by former members of WFIS (World Federation of Independent Scouts).

WOIS promotes the non-formal education of young people through the Scout Law and Promise, "promoting peace and achieving a scouting without frontiers based on traditional scouting devised by our Founder BP."

Member Associations listed alphbetically by country:

  1. Argentina—Asociación Nacional Civil Argentina de Scout Independientes/ANCASI
  2. Brazil—Federação do Escoteiros Tradicionales/FET
  3. Chile—Federación Nacional de Boy Scouts y Girl Guides Chile
  4. Chile—Scouts Tradicionales Chillan-Ñuble
  5. Colombia—Corporación de scout Tradicionales Colombia
  6. Colombia—Organización Scouts Independientes de Colombia
  7. Ecuador—Asociación Ecuatoriana de Scouts/AES
  8. Ghana—Ghana Peace Scouts
  9. India—Peace Scouts and Guides (India)
  10. India—Venture Youth Movement of Scouts/VYM
  11. Kosovo—Scouts of Kosovo
  12. Liberia—Deaf Scout Association of Liberia
  13. Mexico—Asociación de Grupos Scouts de Mexico
  14. Nepal—Nepal Peace Scouts, 2013
  15. Paraguay—Baden Powell Scouts Paraguay
  16. Peru—Asociación Nacional Scouts Independientes de Perú
  17. Peru—Scouts Tradicionales del Perú
  18. Turkey—Trakya Izciler Birligi Federasyonu, 2014
  19. Uruguay—Scouts de Uruguay/SDU
  20. Venezuela—Asociación Scouts Independientes de Venezuela
See our 'All Scout Countries' pages for more details on each organization listed above.
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