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All Scouting Associations in Every Country (continued)

Country (ratio of population involved in Scouting; world ratio is 1:184 [one person out of every 184 in the world is directly involved in Scouting])

Name of Association International Affiliation,
Total Membership
Word for 'Scout'

Scout Motto
Program Sections (if known)
Highest Award (for youth under 18, if known)

66. Ghana (1:2443)

The Ghana Scout Association WOSM, 3919

Be Prepared
Cubs (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11.5 to 14)
Ventures (ages 14.5 to 17)
Rovers (ages 17 to 22)
The Ghana Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 7835
Huhuwa Guides (ages 4 to 7)
Ananse Guides (ages 7 to 10)
Girl Guides (ages 10 to 14)
Senior Guides (ages 14 to 18)
Baden Powell Scouts of Africa WFIS
Ghana Peace Scouts WOIS

67. Greece (1:333)

Soma Ellinon Proskopon (SEP) (Greek Scout Association) WOSM, 18 643

Eso Etoimos ('Be Prepared' in Greek)
Highest Award—Proskopou Ethnous
Soma Ellinikou Odigismou (SEO) (Greek Guiding Association) WAGGGS, 14 622
Asteria (Stars; ages 5 to 7)
Poulia (Birds; ages 7 to 11)
Odigoi (Guides; ages 11 to 14)
Megaloi Odigoi (Senior Guides; ages 14 to 17)

68. Grenada (1:34)

The Scout Association of Grenada WOSM, 1378

Be Prepared
The Girl Guides Association of Grenada WAGGGS, 1518

69. Guatemala (1:1127)

Asociación de Scouts de Guatemala WOSM, 5152

Siempre Listo para Servir ('Always Ready to Serve' in Spanish)
Highest Award—Quetzal Scout
Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Guatemala WAGGGS, 998
Abejas (Bees; ages 4 to 6)
Caperucita (Little Red Riding Hood; ages 7 to 9)
Guías pequeńas (Little Guides; ages 10 to 12)
Guías intermedias (Intermediate Guides; ages 13 to 15)
Guías mayores (Senior Guides; ages 16 to 18)
Asociación de Escultismo Baden-Powell Guatemala WFIS

Siempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Spanish)

70. Guinea (1:2650)

Association Nationale des Scouts de Guinée (National Scout Association of Guinea) WOSM, 10 592

Sois Pręt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Association Nationale des Guides de Guinée WAGGGS, 4000

71. Guinea-Bissau

Escuteiros da Guiné-Bissau WOSM  

72. Guyana (1:482)

The Scout Association of Guyana WOSM, 424

Be Prepared
Guyana Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 1121
Brownie Guides (ages 7 to 11)
Girl Guides (ages 10 to 16)
Ranger Guides (ages 14 to 20)

73. Haiti (1:866)

Scouts d'Haďti WOSM, 43 618

Etre Pręt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 8 to 12)
Scouts (ages 12 to 17)
Routiers (Rovers; ages 17 to 23)
Association Nationale des Guides d'Haiti WAGGGS, 1362
Jeanettes (ages 7 to 12)
Guides (ages 12 to 15)
Guides relais (Relay Guide; ages 15 to 18)
Guides aînées (Senior Guide; ages 18 to 25)

74. Honduras (1:956)

Asociación de Scouts de Honduras WOSM, 1953

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Lobatos (Cubs; ages 6 to 10)
Scouts (ages 11 to 16)
Rovers (ages 16 to 21)

Highest Award—Caballero Scout Lempira
Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras WAGGGS, 5484
Hormigas (Ants; ages 4 to 6
Abejas (Bees; ages 7 to 10
Guias Intermedias (Intermediate Guides; ages 11 to 15
Guias Mayores (Senior Guides; ages 16 to 21)
Asociación Hondureńa de Escultismo Tradicional (AHET) WFIS

Siempre Listos ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

75. Hungary (1:1442)

Magyar Cserkészszövetség (Hungarian Scout Association) WOSM, 9728

Légy Résen ('Be Watchful' in Hungarian)
Cub Scouts (ages 6 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 16)
Rovers (ages 16 to 21)
Magyar Cserkészleány Szövetség (MCSLSZ) (Hungarian Girl Guides Association) WAGGGS, 683

Jó Munkát ('Good Job' in Hungarian)

76. Iceland (1:100)

Bandalag Islenskra Skáta/BIS WOSM+WAGGGS,
4807/WOSM +

Ávallt viđbúinn ('Always Prepared' in Icelandic)
Drekaskátar (Dragon Scouts; ages 7 to 9)
Fálkaskátar (Falcon Scouts; ages 10 to 12)
Dróttskátar (Court Scouts; ages 13 to 15)
Rekkaskátar (Ranger Scouts; ages 16 to 18)
Róverskátar (Rover Scouts; ages 19 to 22)

Highest Award—Forsetamerkiđ

77. India (1:319)

The Bharat Scouts and Guides WOSM+WAGGGS,
3 647 843/WOSM +
1 305 028/WAGGGS

Taiyar ('Be Prepared' in Hindi)
Bharat Scouts:
Bunnies (ages 3 to 6; coed)
Cubs (ages 5 to 10)
Scouts (ages 10 to 17)
Rovers (ages 16 to 25)
Bharat Guides:
Bulbuls (ages 5 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 17)
Rangers (ages 16 to 25)

Highest Award—Rashtrapati Scout / Guide
The Scouts/Guides Organisation WFIS
Hindustan Scout and Guides Association WFIS
Peace Scouts and Guides (India) WOIS
Venture Youth Movement of Scouts (VYM) WOIS  

78. Indonesia (1:98)

Gerakan Pramuka WOSM, 21 842 404 total

Sentiasa Bersedia ('Be Prepared' in Indonesian)
Siaga (Cubs; ages 7 to 10)
Penggalang (Scouts; ages 11 to 15)
Penegak (Rovers; ages 16 to 20)

Highest Award—Pramuka Garuda

79. Iran

Iran Scout Organization NON
Pishahangi Pesharan

Aamaadeh Baash ('Be Prepared' in Persian)

80. Iraq

Iraq Scout Association WOSM

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

81. Ireland (1:93)

Gasóga na hÉireann (Scouting Ireland) WOSM, 44 982

Bí Ullamh ('Be Prepared' in Irish)
Beaver Scouts (ages 6 to 8)
Cub Scouts (ages 9 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Venture Scouts (ages 15 to 17)
Rover Scouts (ages 18 to 20)

Highest Award—Chief Scout Award
Comhairle Bantreoraithe na hEireann (The Council of Irish Guiding Associations) (CIGA) WAGGGS umbrella federation, 13 806
Irish Girl Guides (IGG) WAGGGS sub-association; open
Ladybird Guides (ages 5 to 7)
Brownie Guides (ages 6.5 to 10)
Guides (ages 10.5 to 14.5)
Young Leaders (ages 14.5 to 18)
Senior Branch (ages 14.5 to 26)
Catholic Guides of Ireland (CGI) (Bantreoraithe Catoilicí na hÉireann) WAGGGS sub-association; Catholic
Cygnet Guides (ages 5 to 7)
Brigin Guides (ages 6/7 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 16)
Rangers (ages 14 to 19)
Ireland Slyguff [County Carlow] WFIS  

82. Israel (1:341)

Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel (Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation) WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation,
83 332/WOSM

Hayeh Nachon ('Be Prepared' in Hebrew)
The Israel Arab School Boy and Girl Scouts WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  
The Israel Druze Boy and Girl Scout Association WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  
The Hebrew Boy and Girl Scout Association WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  
The Israel Arab Catholic Boy and Girl Scouts WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  
The Israeli Arab Muslim Boy and Girl Scouts WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  
The Israel Greek Orthodox Boy and Girl Scouts WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association  

83. Italy (1:331)

Federazione Italiana dello Scautismo (FIS) (Italian Scouting Federation) WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation,
102 099/WOSM +
83 601/WAGGGS
Esploratore/Scout / Esploratrice/Guide

Sii Preparato ('Be Prepared' in Italian)
Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI) (Italian Catholic Guide and Scout Association) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association; Catholic
Lupetti/Coccinelle (Cubs/Ladybugs; ages 8 to 11/12)
Esploratori/Guide (Scouts/Guides; ages 11/12 to 16)
Rover/Scolte (Rovers/Scouts; ages 16 to 21)
Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani (CNGEI) (National Corps of Young Italian Scouts and Guides) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association; open
Südtiroler Pfadfinderschaft sub-group of AGESCI; German-speaking; Catholic
Wölflinge (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Jungpfadfinder (Junior Scouts; ages 11 to 14)
Pfadfinder (Scouts; ages 14 to 16)
Rover (Rovers; ages 16+)
Esploratori e Guide d´Italia (AEGI) WFIS  
Associazone Amici delle Iniziative Scout (AMIS) WFIS  
Associazione Indipendente Scout (ASSISCOUT) WFIS+Interscout

Sempre Pronti ('Always Ready' in Italian)
[includes former Arciscout Associazione Scautistica]
Associazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider/Assoraider WFIS

Sii Preparato ('Be Prepared' in Italian)
Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano - FederScout WFIS, umbrella federation for 16 associations, mostly single groups FederScout associations:
Associazione Gruppo Scout "Pescara 1" (Abruzzo)
Associazione Giovani Scout (AGISCOUT, Apulia)
Scout Nautici Cattolici Sirio (Calabria)
Associazione Italiana Scout Nautica Antares (ANTARES, Lazio)
Associazione Scautistica Europea (ASE, Lazio)
Boy Scouts of Italy (BSI, Lazio)
Associazione Scout Damanhur Italia (Lombardy)
Associazione Soccorritori Italiani Scout (ASI-SCOUT, Lombardy)
Giovani Esploratori Lombardi (GEL, Lombardy)
Associazione Giovani Esploratori Sardi (AGES, Sardinia)
Gruppo Scout Madonna del Rosario (Sardinia)
Associazione Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Apuani (AGEA, Tuscany)
Fondazione Scout Firenze 1° "Marliani Silvano" (Tuscany)
Gruppo Promotore degli Scouts - San Casciano Val di Pesa (Tuscany)
Associazione Veneta Scout Cattolici (AVSC, Veneto)
Gruppo Scout Vicenza (Veneto)
Italy Associazione Sezione Scout di Gela WFIS  
Federazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider (FIS Raider) WFIS  
Associazione Italiana Guide e Scouts d'Europa Cattolici (AIGSEC) FSE
Scuola Nazionale Formazione Scout/National Scout Training School OWS
Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana (ASCI) CES

Estote Parati ('Be Ready' in Italian)
Castorini/Castorine (Beavers; ages 6 to 8)
Lupetti/Lupette (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Esploratori/Guide (Scouts/Guides; ages 11 to 16)
Rover/Scolte (Rovers/Scouts; ages 16 to 21)
A.P. Scout (Aaronic Priesthood Scout) NON+Interscout  
Associazione Guide e Scouts San Benedetto NON+Interscout  
Consorzio Interscout NON, umbrella consortium that provides facilities and services to Scout associations and groups  

84. Jamaica (1:316)

The Scout Association of Jamaica WOSM, 1727

Be Prepared
Cubs (ages 8 to 10)
Scouts (ages 11 to 15)
Venture Scouts (ages 15 to 18)
Service Scouts (ages 18 to 21)
The Girl Guides Association of Jamaica WAGGGS, 5903

Be Prepared
Brownies (ages 7 to 11)
Guides (ages 10 to 16)
Senior section (ages 14 to 20)
Girl Scouts of Jamaica OWS
Peenie Wallies (grades K to 3)
Doctorbirds (grades 3 to 6)
Girl Scouts/Junior Scouts (grades 7 to 10)
Girl Scouts/Senior Scouts (grades 10 to 13)
Assistant Leaders (age 16+)
Leaders (age 18+)

85. Japan (1:521)

Scout Association of Japan WOSM, 122 974

Sonae-yo tsuneni ('Always Be Prepared' in Japanese)
Beaver Scouts (ages 6 to 8)
Cub Scouts (ages 8 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 15)
Venture Scouts (ages 14 to 19)
Rover Scouts (agse 18 to 25)

Highest Award—Fuji Scout
Girl Scouts of Japan WAGGGS, 49 447
(Girl Scout)
Tenderfoot (from 1 year before 1st grade)
Brownies (grades 1 through 3)
Juniors (grades 4 through 6)
Seniors (grades 7 through 9)
Rangers (grades 10 through 12)
International Boy Scouts, Troop 1 (Yokohama, Japan) WOSM ('mixed nationality' troop directly chartered by WOSM's World Scout Bureau; apparently is only remaining direct-chartered troop)

Be Prepared
Beaver Scouts (ages 6 to 8)
Cub Scouts (ages 8 to 11)
Boy Scouts (ages 11 to 15)
Senior Scouts (ages 15 to 20)

Highest Award—Globe Scout

86. Jordan (1:264)

Jordanian Association for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides WOSM+WAGGGS,
15 521/WOSM +

Wa ai'doo ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

87. Kazakhstan (1:10552)

Organization of the Scout Movement of Kazakhstan (OSMK) WOSM, 1124

Dayyin Bol ('Be Prepared' in Kazakh)
Bud Gotov (in Russian)
Junior Scouts (ages 7 to 10)
Scouts (ages 11 to 14)
Senior Scouts (ages 15 to 17)

88. Kenya (1:100)

The Kenya Scouts Association WOSM, 1 026 427

Uwe Tayari ('Be Prepared' in Swahili)
Sungura (Cubs; ages 6 to 11)
Chipukizi (Scouts; ages 12 to 15)
Mwamba (Senior Scouts; ages 16 to 18)
Rovers (age 18+)

Highest Award—Lion Scout
Kenya Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 158 810
Brownies (ages 7 to 11)
Girl Guides (ages 10 to 14)
Rainbows (ages 14 to 18)
Rangers (ages 18 to 25)
Baden Powell Scouts Association WFIS  

89. Kiribati (1:55)

Kiribati Scout Association (Tikauti ni Kiribati) WOSM, 1186

Mena tauraoi ('Be Prepared' in Gilbertese)

Highest Award—President's Award
The Girl Guides Association of Kiribati WAGGGS, 500

90. Korea, North

no Scouting (Scouting is outlawed; only the state-run Young Pioneers are allowed)

91. Korea, South (1:179)

Korea Scout Association WOSM, 159 595

Jun Bi ('Preparation' in Korean)
Highest Award—Tiger Scout
Girl Scouts of Korea WAGGGS, 58 161
(Girl Scout)

Jun Bi ('Preparation' in Korean)
Twinkler Scouts (ages 4 to 5)
Gaenari (Brownie Girl Scout; ages 6 to 8)
Jindalrae (Junior Girl Scout; ages 8 to 11)
Sonyeodae (Cadette Girl Scout; ages 12 to 14)
Yeonjangdae (Senior Girl Scout; ages 15 to 17)
Yeongudae (Young Leader; ages 18 to 21)
Third Eye Scouting Association WFIS  

92. Kosovo

National Scout Center of Kosovo (QNVK-NSCK-NCIK) WFIS
Scouts of Kosovo WOIS

93. Kuwait (1:172)

Kuwait Boy Scouts Association WOSM, 6061

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)
Kuwait Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 9025 Brownies (ages 7 to 11)
Girl Guides (ages 12 to 16)
Senior Girl Guides (ages 17 to 23)

94. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn Skaut Kengesh (Kyrgyz Republic Scouting Union) NON

Dayar Bol ('Be Prepared' in Kyrgyz)
Bud Gotov (in Russian)
Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Rovers (ages 16 to 20)

95. Laos

no Scouting  

96. Latvia (1:2634)

Latvijas Skautu un Gaidu Centrala Organizacija (LSGCO) (Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organisation) WOSM+WAGGGS,
872/WOSM +

Esi Modrs ('Be Watchful' in Latvian)
Mazskauts/Guntina (Little Scouts/Little Fires; ages 7 to 11)
Skauts/Gaida (Scouts/Guides; ages 12 to 16)
Lielgaida (Senior Guides; age 16+)
LKS - Latvijas Kristigie Skauti (Christian Scouts of Latvia) WFIS  

97. Lebanon (1:223)

Fédération du Scoutisme Libanais (Lebanese Scouting Federation) WOSM umbrella federation, 14 578

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)
Misht Badrast ('Always Ready' in Armenian)
Toujours Pręt ('Always Prepared' in French)
Beavers (ages 5 to 7)
Cubs (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 16)
Rovers (ages 16 to 18)
Fédération Libanaise des Eclaireuses et des Guides WAGGGS umbrella federation, 4231
Association des Guides du Liban WAGGGS sub-association
Farandoles (pre-Brownies; ages 6 to 7)
Jeannettes (Brownies; ages 8 to 11)
Guides (ages 12 to 15)
Caravelles (ages 15 to 17)
Jeunes en Marche (Youth in Movement; ages 18 to 21)
Association des Eclaireuses du Liban WAGGGS sub-association
Zahrat (Brownies; ages 8 to 11)
Eclaireuses (Girl Scouts; ages 12 to 14)
Caravelles (ages 15 to 17)
Association des Guides Musulmanes du Liban WAGGGS sub-association
Eclaireuses du Scoutisme Nationale Orthodoxe WAGGGS sub-association
Association des Eclaireuses Eljarrah WAGGGS sub-association
Association des Scouts Arabes au Liban NON
Association des Scouts du Littoral au Liban NON
Association des Scouts Musulmans de Makassed NON
Association des Scouts Progressistes NON
Eclaireurs du Liban NON
Eclaireurs Unionistes Libanais NON
Eclaireuses Musulmanes au Liban NON
Guide Nationale Orthodoxe NON
Guides et Scouts Maronites NON
Les Scouts de Amel NON
Les Scouts de Secours Libanais NON
Les Scouts des Cčdres NON
Les Scouts des Projets NON
Les Scouts du Chirugiens NON
Les Scouts du Liban NON
Les Scouts du Liban Future NON
Les Scouts du Mahdi NON
[apparently the same as Al-Mahdi Scouts, sponsored by Hezbollah]
Les Scouts du Message Islamique NON
Les Scouts Musulmans au Liban NON
Les Scouts Syriaques Libanais NON
Scout National Libanais NON
Scout National Orthodoxe NON
Scouts de l'Education Nationale NON

98. Lesotho (1:894)

Lesotho Scouts Association WOSM, 371

Dula O Lokile ('Be Prepared' in Sotho)
Lesotho Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 1783