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All Scouting Associations in Every Country (continued)

Country (ratio of population involved in Scouting; world ratio is 1:184 [one person out of every 184 in the world is directly involved in Scouting])

Name of Association International Affiliation,
Total Membership
Word for 'Scout'

Scout Motto
Program Sections (if known)
Highest Award— (for youth under 18, if known)

132. Oman (1:190)

The National Organisation for Scouts and Guides WOSM+WAGGGS,
12 859/WOSM +

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

133. Pakistan (1:326)

Pakistan Boy Scouts Association WOSM, 526 745

Almustaid ('Prepared' in Urdu)
Shaheen Scouts (ages 9 to 12)
Scouts (ages 12 to 16)
Rovers (ages 17 to 25)
Pakistan Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 48 253
Junior Guides (ages 6 to 11)
Girl Guides (ages 11 to 16)
Senior Guides (ages 16 to 21)
Independent Scouts of Pakistan WFIS
Islamabad Scouting Association WFIS  
Nankana Sab Scout Organization WFIS
ADABKADA Scout Association WFIS

134. Palau

branch of US Scouting (Boy Scout of America) WOSM

Be Prepared

135. Palestine (1:211)

Palestinian Scout Association WOSM, 33 643

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)
Girl Guides of Palestine WAGGGS, working towards full WAGGGS membership  

136. Panama (1:1333)

Asociación Nacional de Scouts de Panamá WOSM, 2615

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Cubs (ages 6 to 10)
Scouts (ages 11 to 14)
Walkers (15 to 17)
Rovers (18 to 21)

Highest Award—Scout Urracá
Asociación de Muchachas Guías de Panamá WAGGGS, 728
Cuerpo de Exploradores Panameños WFIS  

137. Papua New Guinea (1:918)

The Scout Association of Papua New Guinea WOSM, 4980

Stap redi ('Be Prepared' in Tok Pisin)
Junior Scouts (ages 8 to 12)
Scouts (ages 12 to 16)
Senior Scouts (ages 16 to 25)
Girl Guides Association of Papua New Guinea WAGGGS, 1226

138. Paraguay (1:4600)

Asociación de Scouts del Paraguay WOSM, 1086

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Lobatos (Cubs; ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Caminantes (Hikers; ages 16 to 18)
Rovers (ages 19 to 22)
Asociación Guías Scouts del Paraguay WAGGGS, 329

Siempre Lista ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Hermandad Scout de Paraguay WFIS
Baden Powell Scouts Paraguay WOIS

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

139. Peru (1:1997)

Asociación de Scouts del Perú WOSM, 8290

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Lobatos (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 14)
Caminantes (Hikers; ages 14 to 17)
Rovers (ages 18 to 21)
Asociación Nacional de Guías Scouts del Perú WAGGGS, 5500
Giros y Girasoles (Spins and Sunflowers; ages 4 to 6)
Haditas (Fairies; ages 7 to 10)
Guías de la Luz (Guides of Light; ages 10 to 13)
Guías del Sol (Sun Guides; ages 13 to 17)
Guías de Servicio (Service Guides; age 17+)
Asociación Nacional Scouts Independientes de Perú WOIS
Scouts Tradicionales del Perú WOIS
Asociación Peruana de Scouts sin Fronteras (Scouts without Borders; also known as Asociación Peruana de los Scouts Del Mundo [Scouts of the World]) OWS
USTA Perú (Unión de Scouts Tradicionales de America) OWS

140. Philippines (1:39)

Boy Scouts of the Philippines WOSM, 1 983 563

Laging Handa ('Always Prepared' in Tagalog)
KID Scouts (Kabataang Iminumulat-Diwa or Children to be Introduced to Virtues; ages boys 4 to 5)
KAB Scouts (Kabataang Alay sa Bayan or Children Offered to the Nation; ages 6 to 10)
Boy Scouts (ages 10 to 12)
Senior Scouts (coed; ages 13 to 17)
Rover Scouts (coed; ages 17 to 24)

Highest Award—Eagle Scout
Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) WAGGGS, 713 777
Senior (Girl Scout)
Twinklers (ages 4 to 6)
Stars (ages 6 to 9)
Juniors (ages 9 to 12)
Seniors (ages 12 to 15)
Cadets (ages 15 to 21)

Highest Award—Chief Girl Scout Medal

141. Poland (1:278)

Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP) WOSM+WAGGGS
35 697/WOSM +
76 718/WAGGGS

Czuwaj ('Watch' in Polish)
Zuchy/Zuchenki (Cubs/Brownies; ages about 6 to 11)
Harcerze/Harcerki (Scouts/Guides; ages 11 to 13)
Harcerze Starsi/Harcerki Starsze (Senior Scouts/Senior Guides; ages 13 to 16)
Wedrownicy/Wedrowniczki (Rovers/Rangers; ages 16 to 25)
Stowarzyszenie Harcerstwa Katolickiego "Zawisza" (SHK) FSE
Ls-Drzewo Pokoju OWS  
Zwiazek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej CES
Zwiazek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej (Polish Scouts of the Republic) NON
separate male & female programs:
Cub Scouts (ages 8 to 11)
Boy and Girl Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Boy and Girl Wanderers (ages 16 to 18)
Senior Boy and Girl Scouts (age 18+)

142. Portugal (1:141)

Federação Escutista de Portugal WOSM umbrella federation, 80 718  
Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal (AEP) WOSM sub-association; open

Sempre Pronto ('Always Ready' in Portuguese)
Lobitos (Cubs; ages 6 to 10)
Escoteiros (Scouts; ages 11 to 14)
Exploradores (Explorers; ages 14 to 16)
Caminheiros (Rovers; ages 17 to 21)
Corpo Nacional de Escutas (CNE) WOSM sub-association; Catholic

Alerta ('Alert' in Portuguese)
Lobitos (Cubs)
Exploradores (Explorers)
Pioneiros (Pioneers)
Caminheiros (Rovers)

Highest Award—Cavaleiro da Pátria
Associação Guias de Portugal (AGP) WAGGGS, 3157

Sempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Portuguese)
Avezinhas (Little Birds; ages 6 to 10)
Guias Aventuras (Adventure Guides; ages 10 to 14)
Guias Caravelas (Caravelle Guides; ages 14 to 17)
Guias Moínho (Windmill Guides; ages 17 to 21)
Associação das Guias e Escuteiros da Europa (AGEE) FSE
Associação de Escoteiros Independentes NON

Sempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Portuguese)

143. Qatar (1:314)

The Scout and Guide Association of Qatar WOSM+WAGGGS,
4566/WOSM +

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

144. Romania (1:3942)

Cercetasii României WOSM, 3500

Gata Oricând ('Always Ready' in Romanian)
Lupisori (Wolf Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Temerari (Pioneers; ages 12 to 14)
Exploratori (Explorers; ages 15 to 18)
Seniori (Seniors; ages 18 to 21)
Asociatia Ghidelor si Ghizilor Din Romania (AGGR) WAGGGS, 627

Fii Pregatita ('Be prepared' in Romanian)
Curcubeu (Rainbows; ages 5 to 7)
Flori (Flowers; ages 7 to 11)
Ghizi (Guides; ages 11 to 14)
Ghizi Mari (Senior Guides; ages 14 to 18)
Aventurieri (Adventurers; ages 18 to 25)
Asociatia Cercetasilor Traditionali din Romania (ACT-RO) WFIS  
Cercetasii Crestini Români din FSE FSE

145. Russia (1:8509)

All-Russian Scout Association WOSM, 7196

Bud Gotov ('Be Ready' in Russian)
Rossiskaya Assotsiatsia Devochek-Skautov (RADS) (Russian Association of Girl Scouts) WAGGGS, 2175  
Russian Union of Scouts (RUS) WFIS  
Interregion Association of Russian Orthodox Scouts (ORUR) FSE  
National Organization of Russian Scouts (NORS-R) NON  
Brotherhood (Federation) of Orthodox Scouts (BPS) NON  
National Organization of Volunteers "Russia" (NORD "Russia") NON  
Organization of Russian Young Pathfinders (ORYuR) observer to the UIGSE NON  
Russian Scout Organization (RSO) NON  

146. Rwanda (1:404)

Association des Scouts du Rwanda WOSM, 18 884

Ube Maso ('Be Prepared' in Kinyarwanda)
Uwe Tayari (in Swahili)
Sois Prêt (in French)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 8 to 12)
Eclaireurs Juniors (Junior Scouts; ages 13 to 15)
Eclaireurs Seniors (Senior Scouts; ages 16 to 18)
Routiers (Rovers; ages 19 to 25)
Association des Guides du Rwanda WAGGGS, 9284

Ube Maso ('Be Prepared' in Kinyarwanda)
Uwe Tayari (in Swahili)
Sois Prêt (in French)

147. Saint Kitts and Nevis (1:163)

branch of UK Scouting (The Scout Association) WOSM

Be Prepared
The Girl Guides Association of Saint Christopher and Nevis WAGGGS, 308

148. Saint Lucia (1:65)

The Saint Lucia Scout Association WOSM, 393

Be Prepared
Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Rover Scouts (ages 16 to 20)
Girl Guides Association of Saint Lucia WAGGGS, 2100

Be Prepared
Marguerites (ages 5 to 7)
Brownies (ages 7.5 to 10)
Guides (ages 10.5 to 14)
Rangers (ages 14.5 to 18)

149. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1:52)

The Scout Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines WOSM, 230

Be Prepared
Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Rover Scouts (ages 16 to 20)
Girl Guides Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines WAGGGS, 1456

150. Samoa (formerly Western Samoa)

nascent Scouting exists    

151. San Marino (1:105)

Associazione Guide e Esploratori Cattolici Sanmarinesi (AGECS) WOSM+WAGGGS,
260/WOSM +

Sii Preparato ('Be Prepared' in Italina)

152. São Tomé e Príncipe

Associação dos Escuteiros de São Tomé e Príncipe (AESTP) WOSM

Sempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Portuguese

153. Saudi Arabia (1:1356)

Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association WOSM, 19 269

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

154. Senegal (1:445)

Confédération Sénégalaise du Scoutisme WOSM umbrella federation, 9857

Toujours Tout Droit ('Always Straight' in French)
Jiwu Wi (ages 6 to 11)
Lawtan Wi (ages 12 to 14)
Toor-Toor Wi (ages 15 to 18)
Meneef Mi (ages 18 to 35)
Eclaireurs du Sénégal WOSM sub-association; open
Les Scouts du Sénégal WOSM sub-association; open
La Section des Guides de l'Association des Scouts et Guides du Sénégal WAGGGS, 2071

155. Serbia (1:1239)

Savez Izvidjaca Srbije WOSM, 5285

Budi Spreman ('Be Ready' in Serbian)
Poletarci/Pcelice (Cubs; lower primary grades)
Mladi Izvidaci/Mlade Planinke (Young Scouts/Young Guides; higher primary grades)
Izvidaci/Planinke (Scouts/Guides; high school to age 20)

156. Seychelles (1:146)

Seychelles Scout Association (SSA) WOSM, 182

Be Prepared
Sois Prêt (in French)
Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 11)
Boy Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Rover Scouts (ages 16 to 20)

157. Sierra Leone (1:540)

Sierra Leone Scouts Association WOSM 16 162

Be Prepared
The Sierra Leone Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 2026

158. Singapore (1:235)

The Singapore Scout Association WOSM, 11 439

Selalu Bersedia ('Be Prepared' in Malay)
Cubs (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 16)
Ventures (ages 16 to 18)
Rovers (ages 17 to 26)

Highest Award—President's Scout
Girl Guides Singapore (Pandu Puteri Singapura) WAGGGS, 12 334

Be Prepared
Brownies (ages 7 to 12)
Guides (ages 12 to 16/17)
Young Adults (ages 17 to 25)

159. Slovakia (1:732)

Slovenský Skauting (SLSK) WOSM+WAGGGS,
6927/WOSM +

Bud Pripravený ('Be Prepared' in Slovak)
Cubs/Brownies (ages 6 to 11)
Scouts/Guides (ages 11 to 16)
Rovers (ages 16 to 25)

Highest Award—Tri Orlie Perá
Združenie Katolíckych Vodkýn a Skautov Európy na Slovensku (ZKVSES) FSE  

160. Slovenia (1:230)

Zveza Tabornikov Slovenije WOSM, 6150

Bodi pripravljen ('Be Prepared' in Slovenian)
Murni (Pre Cubs; younger than 7)
Medvedki/Cebelice (Teddy Bears/Bees; ages 7 to 11)
Gozdovniki/Gozdovnice (Scouts/Guides; ages 11 to 16)
Popotniki/Popotnice (Travelers; ages 16 to 21)
Združenje slovenskih katoliških skavtinj in skavtov (ZSKSS) (The Slovene Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association) WAGGGS, 4173

Bodi pripravljen ('Be Prepared' in Slovenian)
Volkuljice/Volcici (Cubs; ages 7 to 11)
Izvidniki/Vodnice (Scouts/Guides; ages 11 to 16)
Popotniki/Popotnice (Rovers/Rangers; ages 16 to 21)

161. Solomon Islands (1:2288)

Skaut Belong Solomone [Solomon Pijin]; branch of UK Scouting (The Scout Association) WOSM

Be Prepared
The Girl Guides Association of the Solomon Islands WAGGGS, 250

162. Somalia

nascent Scouting exists    

163. South Africa (1:1263)

SCOUTS South Africa WOSM, 300 132

Be Prepared
Cubs (ages 7 to 10.5)
Scouts (ages 11 to 17)
Rovers (ages 18 to 30)

Highest Award—Springbok
The Girl Guides Association of South Africa WAGGGS, 27 164
Teddies (ages 4.5 to 7)
Brownies (ages 7 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 14)
Rangers (ages 14 to 25)

164. South Sudan

South Sudan Scout Association WOSM, 2162  

165. Spain (1:647)

Federació Catalana d'Escoltisme i Guiatge (FCEG) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association; Catalonia region  
Federación de Scouts-Exploradores de España/ASDE Scouts de España WOSM umbrella federation, 64 329

Siempre Listos ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Castores (Beavers; ages 6 to 8)
Lobatos (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Scouts/Guias (Scouts/Guides; ages 12 to 14)
Pioneros (Pioneers; ages 15 to 17)
Rutas (Rovers; ages 17 to 20)
Movimiento Scout Católico (MSC) WOSM sub-association; Catholic  
Comité de Enlace del Guidismo en España/Comité d'Enllaç del Guiatge a Espanya (CEGE) WAGGGS umbrella federation, 7154  
Escoltes Catalans/EC WAGGGS sub-association of FCEG Follets (Goblins; ages 6 to 9)
Llops (Wolves; ages 9 to 12)
Raiers (Rafters; ages 12 to 15)
Pioners (Pioneers; ages 15 to 17)
El Clan (age 17+)
Federación Española de Guidismo (FEG) WAGGGS umbrella sub-federation  
Minyons Escoltes i Guies Sant Jordi de Catalunya (MEiGSJC) WAGGGS sub-association of FCEG
Ranger/Noie Guie

Sempre a punt ('Always Ready' in Catalan)
Castors/Llúdrigues (Beavers/Otters; ages 6 to 8)
Llops/Daines (Wolves/??; ages 8 to 11)
Ràngers/Noies Guies (Rangers/Girl Guides; ages 11 to 14)
Pioners/Caravelles (Pioneers/Caravels; ages 14 to 17)
Truc (ages 17 to 19)
Associació Catalana de Scouts - Catalonian Association of Scouts WFIS  
Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Madrid - Independent Scouts of Madrid WFIS  
Asociación Juvenil Grupo Scout Independiente Gilwell WFIS  
Federación Scout de la Communidad Valenciana WFIS  
Grupo Scout Alpha [Almeria] WFIS  
Scouts Independientes del Principado de Asturias WFIS  
Guias y Scouts de Europa FSE
Organización Juvenil Espanola CES  
Asociación Scouts de Andalucia NON  
Asociación Castellon de Escultismo NON  
Asociación Scout Montes de Toledo NON  
Asociación Valenciana de Escultismo NON  
Scouts Baden-Powell de España NON  
Germanor Escolta de Catalunya NON  
Scouts Region Murciana NON