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A Brief Background of the Scoutmaster Handbook (BSA)

9th Edition—The Scoutmaster Handbook (1998-2015)

Cover is a color photo-montage of smiling Scoutmasters, and Scouts hiking. The book is attractive, with full-color photos throughout. But its huge size (8.5x11"), and the fact that it must be placed in a ring binder when you remove it from its clear wrapping, makes it awkward to use. No Scoutmaster will bring this thing to a campout, or be likely to take it with him to troop meetings. Give me back a real handbook that I can keep in my briefcase or take camping.
9th Edition

9th Edition Summary and Printing History

Actual 9th Edition Table of Contents

10th Edition—Troop Leader Guidebook (2015/2016)

Volume 1 cover is a color photo of Scouts jumping off a raft into a lake. Volume 2 cover is a photo silhouette of a Scout backpacking.
10th Edition, volume 1 10th Edition, volume 2

This will be the first two-volume SM handbook since the 3rd Edition in 1936. It has been repeatedly delayed since first announced for a summer, 2013, release. Most recently re-re-announced for 15 December 2014, volume 1 has just been released (July, 2015), and volume 2 announced for sometime this winter.

BSA retitled it "Troop Leader Guidebook" to emphasize that it is aimed at all adult troop leaders, not just the Scoutmaster.

Volume 1, written by Mark Ray (who also wrote The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook), is aimed at new leaders, and will cover things like the patrol method, how to conduct troop meetings, the year-round program, and more. Volume 2, written by Bob Birkby (author of the current Scout Handbook), is aimed at more experienced troop leaders, and will have more in-depth information about high adventure, youth & adult training, and more. I'm disappointed that splitting the book into two volumes effectively doubles the cost. I'm also concerned that many new leaders may buy only volume 1, and many experienced leaders may buy only volume 2, when both volumes contribute to an effective adult leader.

I don't quite understand why the Scoutmaster Handbook is being released without regard to the impending changes in the Boy Scout program. BSA says these changes are minor, yet they apparently are enough to justify a new edition of the Scout Handbook (in January, 2016, even though the current Handbook has been out for only six years).

I'd sure vote to convert this to a single volume, and put additional information online or in PDF format. And I'm crossing my fingers that these two volumes will be bound books and not another cumbersome loose-leaf insert for a bulky 3-ring binder (I'll let you know when the copy I ordered arrives).