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The BSA has three key handbooks for use by Scout troops—the Scout Handbook, the Scoutmaster Handbook, and the Patrol Leader Handbook. The Scout Fieldbook is another important resource the BSA has provided for a long time. The pages below give a brief history of each edition. Cover pictures (front & back) are shown with each description. Note that titles have variously used the terms 'Scout' and 'Boy Scout' interchangeably until 2019, when girls also became 'Scouts' [but note that 'Girl Scouts' are members of the US version of the separate worldwide Girl Guiding program].

BSA Handbook Histories

BSA Handbook Covers

The pages below show every cover of each handbook, along with a brief explanation about the artwork and the artist.

Scout Handbook, 1st Edition Scoutmaster Handbook, 1st Edition Patrol Leader Handbook, 1st Edition Scout Fieldbook, 1st Edition

All Title Variants

The various handbooks have used a number of different titles over the decades. The most complete title is generally on the title page of the book:

Scout Handbook

Scoutmaster Handbook

Patrol Leader Handbook

also covered with the Patrol Leader Handbook:

Scout Fieldbook

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