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All Scouting Associations in Every Country

This page lists every country in the world, with key information about each country's Scouting program(s).

Apparently, only five of the world's 197 countries do not have Scouting: Andorra, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, and Vatican City. A sixth country, China (People's Republic), has no Scouting except in the former colonies of Hong Kong and Macau. Another 24 countries have the beginnings of Scouting, in an organizing or building stage.

This information comes from many sources, and is as up-to-date as I can find. I have found over 600 Scouting organizations, and undoubtedly there are more that I have not yet found. Please e-mail me with any corrections or additions. Thanks!

Scouting Terminology—These terms are used in different ways by different Scouting organizations, so for clarity I will try to use them consistently as follows:

Common Scouting terms that may be confusing if your country doesn't use them:

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International Organizations (for more information about international Scouting organizations, see our International Scouting page)—While some national Scout associations are independent of any international body, most belong to WOSM or WAGGGS, and others belong to WFIS, FSE, WOIS, OWS, or CES:

National Associations are listed by country as follows:

Country (ratio of population involved in Scouting; world ratio is about 1:140 [one person out of every 140 in the world is directly involved in Scouting])

Name of Association International Affiliation,
Total Membership
Word for 'Scout'

Scout Motto
Program Sections (if known)
Highest Award (for youth under 18, if known)

1. Afghanistan

nascent Boy Scouting exists    

2. Albania

nascent Boy Scouting exists    

3. Algeria (1:3147)

Scouts Musulmans Algériens (Algerian Muslim Scouts) WOSM, 4150
'Scout' is Kashaf or el-Kechaf in Arabic, Askuti in Berber, Scout in French

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)
Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)

4. Andorra

no Scouting   (Scouting is not outlawed, just not successfully organized)

5. Angola (1:1273)

Associação de Escuteros de Angola (Angola Scout Association) WOSM, 18 830

Sempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Portuguese)
Lobitos/Lobitas (Cub Scouts; ages 7 to 10)
Exploradores/Júniores (Explorers/Juniors; ages 10 to 14)
Pioneiros/Séniores (Pioneers/Seniors; ages 15 to 18)
Caminheiros (Rovers; ages 18 to 22)

6. Antigua and Barbuda (1:145)

branch of UK Scouting (The Scout Association) WOSM

Be Prepared
Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda WAGGGS, 608

Be Prepared
Tweenies (ages 3 to 6)
Brownies (ages 6 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 15)
Rangers (ages 15 to 25)
Young Leaders (ages 18 to 30)

7. Argentina (1:844)

Scouts de Argentina WOSM, 62 363

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Lobatos/Lobeznas (Cubs; ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 14)
Caminantes (Explorers; ages 14 to 17)
Rovers (ages 17 to 21)
Asociación Guías Argentinas WAGGGS, 3251

Siempre Lista ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Pimpollitos (ages 5 to 6)
Alitas (Little Wings; ages 7 to 9)
Guías en Caravana (Caravan Guides; ages 10 to 12)
Guías del Sol (Sun Guides; ages 13 to 15)
Guías Mayores (Senior Guides; ages 15 to 18)
BPSA - Argentina WFIS

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Scouts Navales de Argentina WFIS
Asociación Nacional Civil Argentina de Scout Independientes (ANCASI) WOIS

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
USTA Argentina (Unión de Scouts Tradicionales de Argentina) OWS
Exploradores Argentinos de Don Bosco NON
Coordinación de Asociaciones Diocesanas de Scouts Católicos (CADISCA) NON (observer status with FSE)
[federation of several small Catholic Scout associations, including Asociaciones Diocesanas de Scouts Católicos (ADiSCa)]
Guías Argentinas Católicas NON
Caravana (Guía)

Siempre Lista ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Alitas (ages 6 to 10)
Caravanas (ages 10 to 12)
Solar (ages 13 to 15)
Fuego (ages 15 to 18)

8. Armenia (1:761)

Hayastani Azgayin Scautakan Sharjum Kazmakerputiun (HASK) (National Scout Movement of Armenia) WOSM, 2268

Mish Badrast ('Always Ready' in Armenian)
National Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Armenia (ASTGIK) WAGGGS, 1514 Artswikner (ages 6 to 10)
Arenushner (ages 11 to 15)
Parmanuhiner (ages 16 to 20)

9. Australia (1:210)

Scouts Australia WOSM, 75 634

Be Prepared
Joey Scouts (ages 6 to 8)
Cub Scouts (ages 7.5 to 11)
Scouts (ages 10.5 to 15)
Venturer Scouts (ages 14.5 to 18)
Rovers (ages 17.5 to 25)

Highest Award—Queen's Scout
Girl Guides Australia WAGGGS, 29 811
Highest Award—Queen's Guide
Scouts of Australia OWS
National Organization of Russian Scouts (NORS) NON

Bud Gotov ('Be Ready' in Russian)
[emigré group]
Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP; Polish Scout Organization) NON

Czuwaj ('Watch' in Polish)
[emigré group with 4 independent branches, not connected with ZHP/Poland]

10. Austria (1:390)

Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPO) WOSM+WAGGGS:
10 136/WOSM +
10 301/WAGGGS

Allzeit Bereit ('Always Ready' in German)
Wölflinge (Wolf Cubs; ages 7 to 10)
Späher (Scouts; ages 10 to 13)
Explorers (ages 13 to 16)
Rovers (ages 16 to 20)
Wichtel (Brownies; ages 7 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 13)
Caravelles (ages 13 to 16)
Rangers (ages 16 to 20)
Scouts of Europa WFIS  
Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas - Österreich FSE
Europa Scouts Österreich NON  
Österreichischer Pfadfinderbund NON  

11. Azerbaijan (1:6930)

Azerbaycan Skautlar Assosiasiyasi WOSM, 1648

Daima Hazir ('Always Prepared' in Azeri)
Cub Scouts (ages 6 to 12)
Scouts (ages 12 to 18)
Rovers and Leaders (ages 18 and above)

12. The Bahamas (1:84)

The Scout Association of the Bahamas WOSM, 1478

Be Prepared
The Bahamas Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 2732
Sunflowers (ages 5 and 6)
Brownies (ages 7 to 10)
Guides (ages 10 to 14)
Rangers (ages 14 to 18)

13. Bahrain (1:355)

Boy Scouts of Bahrain WOSM, 1800

Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)
Al-Ashbal (Cub Scouts; ages 8 to 12)
Al-Kashaf (Boy Scouts; ages 12 to 17)
Al-Matakadem (Rovers; age 17+)
The Girl Guides Association of Bahrain WAGGGS, 1556
Brownies (ages 7 to 11)
Guides (ages 12 to 15)
Senior Guides (ages 16 to 18)
Ranger Guides (ages 18 to 23)

14. Bangladesh (1:167)

Bangladesh Scouts WOSM, 1 372 773

Sebar Jannza Sada Prastut Thakte Jathasadhya Chesta Kara ('Do your best to be prepared for service' in Bengali)
Cub Scouts (ages 6 to 11)
Scouts (ages 11 to 17)
Rover Scouts (ages 17 to 25)

Highest Award—President's Scout
Bangladesh Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 52 567
Independent Scouts of Bangladesh WFIS

15. Barbados (1:48)

Barbados Boy Scouts Association WOSM, 2419

Be Prepared
The Girl Guide Association of Barbados WAGGGS, 3290
Junior section:
Blossoms (ages 4 to 7)
Brownies (ages 7 to 11)
Senior section:
Girl Guides (ages 10 to 16)
Rangers (ages 14 to 25)
Young Leaders (ages 15 to 23)

16. Belarus (1:3337)

Belarusian Republic Scout Association WOSM, 1050

Napagatove ('Ready' in Belarusian)
The Association of Belarussian Guides (ABG) WAGGGS, 1670
Katalickija Skautki i Skauty FSE - Belarus FSE  

17. Belgium (1:71)

De Gidsen- en Scoutsbeweging in België (Flemish) / Le Guidisme et Scoutisme en Belgique (French) (GSB) (The Guides and Scout Movement of Belgium) WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation:
103 381/WOSM +
57 966/WAGGGS

Steeds Bereid ('Always Ready' in Flemish)
Toujours Prêt ('Always Ready' in French)
Federatie voor Open Scoutisme (FOS Open Scouting) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association (open/Flemish-speaking)
Bevers/Zeehonden (Beavers/Seals; ages 6 to 7)
Welpen (Cub Scouts; ages 8 to 10)
Jongverkenners/Jonggidsen - Aspiranten (Young Scout/Guide Candidates; ages 11 to 13)
Verkenners/Gidsen-Juniors (Junior Scouts/Guides; ages 14 to 15)
Seniors (ages 16 to 17)
Scouts et Guides Pluralistes de Belgique (SGP; Les Scouts Pluralistes) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association (open/French-speaking)
Castors (Beavers; ages 5 to 7)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Scouts/Guides (ages 12 to 14)
Pionniers (Pioneers; ages 15 to 17)
Animateurs (Leaders; ages 18 to 25)
Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen (SGV) WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association (Flemish-speaking)
Kapoenen (Capons; ages 6 to 8)
Welpen (Cubs; ages 8 to 11)
Jongverkenners (Young Scouts; ages 11 to 14)
Verkenners (Scouts; ages 14 to 17)
Jins (ages 17 to 18)
Kapoenen (Capons; ages 6 to 8)
Kabouters (Gnomes; ages 8 to 11)
Jonggidsen (Young Guides; ages 11 to 14)
Gidsen (Guides; ages 14 to 17)
Jins (ages 17 to 18)
Kapoenen (Capons; ages 6 to 8)
Wouters (ages 8 to 11)
Jonggivers (Young 'Givers'*; ages 11 to 14)
Givers ('Givers'*; ages 14 to 17)
Jins (ages 17 to 18)
*'Giver' = Gids+Verkenner
Les Scouts (Fédération des Scouts Baden-Powell de Belgique) WOSM sub-association (Catholic/French-speaking)
Baladins (Dancers; ages 6 to 8)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 8 to 12)
Eclaireurs (Scouts; ages 12 to 16)
Pionniers (Pioneers; ages 16 to 18)
Guides Catholiques de Belgique (GCB) WAGGGS sub-association (Catholic/French-speaking)
Nutons (Gnomes; age 5 to 7)
Lutins (Imps; ages 7 to 11)
Guides Aventure (Adventure Guides; ages 11 to 15)
Guides Horizon (Horizon Guides; ages 15 to 17)
Routiers (Rovers; age 17+)
Onafhankelijke Scouts en Gidsen (umbrella group for 3 local Scout groups WFIS
Guides et Scouts d'Europe - Belgique FSE
Eclaireur/Eclaireuse [French]
Verkenner/Gids [Flemish]
Castors (Beavers; ages 6 to 8)
Louveteaux/Louvettes (Cubs; ages 8 to 12)
Eclaireurs/Eclaireuses (Scouts/Guides; ages 12 to 17)
Routiers/Guides Aînées (Rovers/Senior Guides; age 17+)
Bevers (Beavers; ages 6 to 8)
Welpen/Welpinnen (Cubs; ages 8 to 12)
Verkenners/Gidsen (Scouts/Guides; ages 12 to 17)
Voortrekkers/Voortreksters (Pioneers; age 17+)
Europe et Scoutisme CES  

18. Belize (1:115)

The Scout Association of Belize WOSM, 830

Be Prepared
Highest Award—Queen's Scout
The Girl Guides Association of Belize WAGGGS, 412

19. Benin (1:1117)

Scoutisme Béninois WOSM, 7229

Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Louveteaux/Louvettes (Cubs; ages 6 to 12)
Eclaireurs/Eclaireuses (Scouts; ages 11 to 16)
Compagnons/Compagnes (Companions; ages 15 to 19)
Routiers/Guides (Rovers/Guides; ages 18 to 35)
Scoutisme Béninois (Guides du Bénin) WAGGGS, 2000
Jeanettes (Brownies; ages 8 to 11)
Guides (ages 11 to 16)
Guides Aînées (Senior Guides; age 16+)

20. Bhutan (1:42)

Bhutan Scout Tshogpa WOSM, 24 524

Dra drig Bay ('Be Prepared' in Dzongkha)
Cub Scouts (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 15)
Rovers (ages 16 to 20)

21. Bolivia (1:1231)

Asociación de Scouts de Bolivia WOSM, 7355

Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Lobatos (Cubs; ages 6 to 10)
Exploradores (ages 11 to 13)
Pioneros (ages 14 to 17)
Rovers (ages 18 to 20)
Asociación de Guías Scouts de Bolivia WAGGGS, 390
"Intermedia" (Guía)

Siempre Lista ('Always Ready' in Spanish)
Alitas (Little Wings; ages 6 to 7+)
Pre-Intermedia (Pre-Intermediate; ages 10 to 12)
Intermedia (Intermediate; ages 13 to 14)
Mayor (Ranger; ages 15 to 18)
Asociación Boliviana de Scouts Independientes de Baden-Powell WFIS
USTA Bolivia (Unión de Scouts Tradicionales de America) OWS

22. Bosnia and Herzegovina (1:2431)

Savjet izvidackih organizacija u Bosni i Hercegovini (The Council of Scout Associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina) WOSM umbrella federation, 3247

Budi Spreman ('Be Ready' in Bosnian)
Poletarac (Cub Scouts; ages 7 to 10)
Izvidaci (Scouts; ages 11 to 20)
The Scout Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina WOSM sub-association
The Scout Association of Republica Srpska WOSM sub-association

23. Botswana (1:143)

The Botswana Scouts Association WOSM, 3783

Nna oi Pokoulse ('Be Prepared' in Tswana)
Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts
Botswana Girl Guides Association WAGGGS, 9825

Be Prepared
Sunbeams (ages 7 to 10)
Girl Guides (ages 11 to 15)
Seniors (ages 16 to 21)

24. Brazil (1:3203)

União dos Escoteiros do Brasil WOSM, 76 607

Sempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Portuguese)
Mascotes (Mascots; age under 7)
Lobinhos/Lobinhas (Cubs; ages 7 to 10)
Escoteiros/Escoteiras (Scouts/Guides; ages 11 to 14)
Seniores/Guias (Seniors/Guides; ages 15 to 17)
Pioneiros/Pioneiras (Pioneers; ages 18 to 21)

Highest Award—Escoteiro da Pátria
Federação de Bandeirantes do Brasil (Federation of Girl Guides of Brazil) WAGGGS, 4454
Cirandas (Brownies; ages 6 to 8)
B1 (Bandeirantes 1 / Guides 1; ages 9 to 11)
B2 (Bandeirantes 2 / Guides 2; ages 12 to 15)
Guias (Guides; ages 15 to 21)
Leaders (ages 21 ans older)
Asociação Escoteira Baden Powell/AEBP-Brasil WFIS
Grande Fraternidade Escoteira Impisa WFIS
Federação do Escoteiros Tradicionales/FET WOIS
USTA Brasil (Unión de Scouts Tradicionales de America) OWS
Associacao Escoteira Independente Pirai CES
Federação dos Escoteiros Tradicionais NON

25. Brunei (1:113)

Persekutuan Pengakap Negara Brunei Darussalam WOSM, 2570

Selalu Bersedia ('Be Prepared' in Malay)
Cubs (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 16)
Venturers (ages 17 to 21)
Rovers (ages 21 to 30)

Highest Award—Pengakap Sultan (Sultan Scout)
Persatuan Pandu Puteri Brunei Darussalam (Girl Guides Association of Brunei Darussalam) WAGGGS, 1677
Brownies (ages 6 to 12)
Girl Guides (ages 12 to 16)
Rangers (ages 17 to 19)
Young Leaders (ages 21 to 23)

26. Bulgaria (1:2617)

Organizatsia Na Bulgarskite Skauty (Organization of Bulgarian Scouts) WOSM, 966

Badi Gotov ('Be Prepared' in Bulgarian)
Cubs (ages 7 to 11)
Scouts (ages 12 to 18)
Rovers (ages 18 to 35)

27. Burkina Faso (1:731)

Association des Scouts du Burkina Faso WOSM umbrella federation, 11 539

Prêt à Servir ('Ready to Serve' in French)
Pré-Louveteaux (Pre-Cubs; ages under 7)
Louvetaux (Cub Scouts; ages 7 to 12)
Éclaireurs (Scouts; ages 12 to 17)
Aînés (Seniors; ages 17 to 25)
Les Scouts du Burkina Faso WOSM sub-association
Les Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Burkina Faso WOSM sub-association
L'Association des Guides du Burkina Faso WAGGGS, 12 753

28. Burundi (1:577)

Association des Scouts du Burundi WOSM, 28 559

Uwe Tayari ('Be Prepared' in Swahili)
Ube Maso ('Be Prepared' in Kirundi)
Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 7 to 11)
Eclaireurs (Scouts; ages 11 to 15)
Routiers (Rovers; ages 16 to 19)
Association des Guides du Burundi WAGGGS, 11 034

29. Cambodia (1:10317)

National Association of Cambodian Scouts WOSM, 28 533

Triam Kloun ('Be Prepared' in Khmer
Cub Scouts
Girl Guides Association of Cambodia WAGGGS, 1425

30. Cameroon (1:19082)

Les Scouts du Cameroun/Boy Scouts of Cameroon WOSM, 4561

Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 6 to 11)
Eclaireurs (Scouts; ages 11 to 15)
Scouts aînés (Senior Scouts; ages 15 to 19)
Routiers (Rover Scouts; ages 19 to 26)
Association des Guides du Cameroun WAGGGS, 1033

31. Canada (1:129)

Scouts Canada WOSM, 104 549

Be Prepared (English)
Sois Prêt (French)
Beaver Scouts / Scouts castors (ages 5 to 7)
Cub Scouts / Scouts louveteaux (ages 8 to 10)
Scouts (ages 11 to 14 [optional to 16])
Venturer Scouts / Scouts aventuriers (ages 14 to 17)
Rover Scouts / Scouts routiers (ages 18 to 26)

Highest Award—Queen's Venturer / Prix Aventurier de la Reine
Association des Scouts du Canada (ASC) WOSM "affiliated organization", 16 000

Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)
Castors (Beavers; ages 7 to 8)
Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 9 to 11)
Eclaireurs (Scouts; ages 11 to 14)
Hirondelles (Swallows; ages 7 to 8)
Exploratrices (Explorers; ages 9 to 11)
Intrépides (Intrepids; ages 11 to 14)
Pionniers (Pioneers; ages 14 to 17)
Scouts-Aîné(e)s (Senior Scouts; ages 18 to 21)

[ASC has much in common with Scouts de France; Canada is the sole exception to WOSM's one federation per country rule—they avoid having to create an umbrella federation by calling the ASC an "affiliated organization"]
Girl Guides of Canada/Guides du Canada WAGGGS, 116 206
Sparks (ages 5 and 6)
Brownies (ages 7 and 8)
Guides (ages 9 to 11)
Pathfinders (ages 12 to 15)
Rangers (ages 15 to 17)

Highest Award—Chief Commissioner's Gold Award / Prix d'or de la commissaire générale
BPSA Alberta WFIS (Alberta)
Otters (ages 5 to 7)
Timber Wolves (ages 8 to 11)
Explorers (ages 11 to 15)
Senior Explorers (ages 15 to 17)
Rovers (age 18+, no upper age limit)
BPSA British Columbia WFIS (British Columbia)
[same as other BPSA/Canada associations]
BPSA New Brunswick WFIS (New Brunswick)
[same as other BPSA/Canada associations]
BPSA Ontario WFIS (Ontario)
[same as other BPSA/Canada associations]
ZHR Polish Scouts of Canada WFIS  
Association Evangélique du Scoutisme au Québec FSE (Québec)  
Federation of North-American Explorers FSE (Ontario)
Association des Aventuriers de Baden-Powell—Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell (AABP) NON (New Brunswick, Ontario, & Québec), 1500
Castors (Beavers; ages 7 to 8)
Louveteaux/Louvettes/Jeannettes (Cubs; ages 9 to 11)
Eclaireurs/Guides (Scouts/Guides; ages 12 to 16)
Routiers (Rovers; age 17+)

[2007 merger of former AEBP [Association des Eclaireurs Baden-Powell; 1973] & AQAB [Association Québécoise des Aventuriers de Brownsea; 1991]
Association de Scoutisme d'Actions (ASA) NON (Québec), 300  
BPSC Canada/BPSC Ontario NON

Stand Ready
[former Traditional Explorers Association Council of Ontario (TEAC); primarily Ontario with some in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, & Québec]
Ukraïnskii Plast (Ukrainian Scouting) NON [apparently an emigré organization located in Canada]
Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP; Polish Scout Organization) NON

Czuwaj ('Watch' in Polish)
[emigré group with 4 independent branches, not connected with ZHP/Poland]