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Question #7—Can girls join Troop 97?

Short answer: YES! Here's some general background and details:

The Boy Scouts of America has three separate plans for participation by girls, based on the BSA's three program levels:



So what about Troop 97? The girls' side of Troop 97 is chartered and functioning, and all the girls attended BSA summer camp 2019 on a Montana island. We want to grow gradually as the girls learn to plan and lead their own program, and we have openings for several girls in 2020. We need parents who want to be involved with their daughters in Scouting (all adult positions are open to both men & women, but BSA requires at least one registered female adult on any activity involving girls). So if you're interested, contact us to find out our schedule for upcoming meetings and campouts!

Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls

Want to visit a meeting or outing? Just email the Scoutmaster, to find out about our upcoming activities!


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