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Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council

Here's a little additional information & history about Troop 97's local Council. For administrative purposes, most councils sub-divide their territory into several geographic "districts". As of early 2021 Longs Peak has five districts, and Greater Wyoming has two districts. It is possible the district arrangement may be adjusted as the merger process matures. The combined Council is geographically large, although much of the Council territory is lightly populated. The Council now covers 10 northern/northeastern Colorado counties, 12 Nebraska panhandle counties, plus almost 16 of Wyoming's 23 counties (the Yellowstone National Park section of Park county is in the Montana Council).

Brief History of Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council

Major Council Merger Events

The ever-expanding current Council dates from a 1928 three-Council merger, with only two major additions since then. Also shown are the official BSA Council number and each Council's headquarters city.

More Details on the Former Councils that Constitute the Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council

Colorado Portion of the Council

Wyoming Portion of the Council

Nebraska Portion of the Council

Council-owned Camping Properties

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