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BSA Councils in Colorado

The state of Colorado is served by five of the BSA's roughly 260 local "councils". It is these councils that are directly responsible for the BSA program within their assigned territories. Far southwestern Colorado is assigned to the Great Southwest Council (Albuquerque, New Mexico). Most of the rest of the "West Slope" (Colorado west of the Continental Divide) was formerly in the Western Colorado Council, which merged into the Denver Area Council in May, 2019. The Colorado "Front Range" plus the state's eastern plains are divided into four councils, from north to south: Longs Peak Council, Denver Area Council (now including the West Slope), Pikes Peak Council, and Rocky Mountain Council. Of the four councils headquartered in Colorado, only Longs Peak Council extends beyond the state borders, covering much of Wyoming plus the Nebraska panhandle [see below for information about the 2021 merger of the Greater Wyoming Council and Longs Peak Council].

BSA Councils in Colorado

Colorado Scout Council Summary (listed from largest to smallest)
[Membership numbers will definitely fluctuate over the next couple of years, with the loss of the involvement of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and with an unknown number of girls joining Cub Scout packs (starting in 2018) and Scout troops (starting in 2019). Youth membership shown covers traditional Scouting (Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers/Sea Scouts) plus Explorers; the separate in-school Learning for Life program is not shown since most councils don't show those numbers in their annual report.]

Longs Peak Council

Since Troop 97 is in Longs Peak Council, here's a little additional information about our local council, which is named after the highest peak in the council's area (4346 m/14 259 feet). For administrative purposes, most councils sub-divide their territory into several geographic "districts". Longs Peak currently has six districts (Troop 97 is in the Bighorn district). [Note that we will update this information once the combined Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council has selected a new Council name and the addition of Greater Wyoming's two districts.]

Longs Peak Council Districts

Council-owned Camping Properties

Bighorn District

(district information on Longs Peak Council website; the new Bighorn district is the combination of the former Cache La Poudre and Rocky Mountain districts, effective 1/1/2019)

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