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Age Requirements / Advancement / Highest Awards

Age Range / Highest Award

Program Minimum Age Maximum Age Highest Award
Scouts age 11 OR
finished grade 5 + min. age 10 OR
earned Arrow of Light + min. age 10
until age 18 Eagle Scout

Advancement for Scouts

Scout (formerly called the 'Scout Badge', became a full rank on 1 January 2016)
Second Class
Second Class
First Class
First Class
Star (6 merit badges)
Life (11 merit badges)
Eagle Scout (badge / medal)
Eagle Scout (badge/medal) (21 merit badges)

Changes to Ranks (effective 1 January 2016)

Pictures of Older Rank Badges
All Rank Requirements, Tenderfoot through Eagle Scout, 1910—Present

Other Advancement-related Badges & Awards

Eagle & Regular Merit Badges
Merit Badges (over 130 merit badges; 21 required for Eagle Scout); Eagle required badge/left; regular badge/right
Pictures & names of all merit badges (PDF)
Eagle Palms
Eagle Palms (Bronze/Gold/Silver; not considered ranks, but additional awards an Eagle Scout can earn)
Interpreter Badges / Religious Award
Interpreter Badges / Religious Award
BSA Aquatic Award
BSA Aquatic Awards
Leave No Trace / Scout World Conservation Award
Leave No Trace / Scout World Conservation Award

Age Requirements/Advancement/Highest Awards—

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