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Age Requirements / Advancement / Highest Awards

Age Range / Highest Award

Program Level Minimum Age Maximum Age Highest Award
Lions or Lion Cub Scouts Kindergarten OR age 5 Tiger age  
Tiger Cub Scouts completed Kindergarten OR age 7* Wolf age  
Wolf Cub Scouts completed grade 1 OR age 8* Bear age  
Bear Cub Scouts completed grade 2 OR age 9* Webelos age  
Webelos Scouts completed grade 3 OR age 10* until age 11.5 OR completed grade 5 Arrow of Light


Lion badge (not yet a rank)
Lion Badge
(not yet a rank)
Tiger neckerchief
Tiger Neckerchief
Wolf neckerchief
Wolf Neckerchief
Bear neckerchief
Bear Neckerchief
Webelos neckerchief
Webelos Neckerchief

Bobcat rank
Bobcat (joining requirements; now considered a rank)
Tiger rankformer Tiger Cub badge
Tiger (rank for boys in First grade; new badge above, former Tiger Cub badge below)
Wolf rank
Wolf (rank for boys in Second grade)
Bear rank
Bear (rank for boys in Third grade)
Webelos rank (blue)Webelos rank (khaki)
Webelos (rank for boys in Fourth grade)
(for wear with blue uniform/left; khaki uniform/right)
Arrow of Light rank
Arrow of Light (highest rank, for boys in Fifth grade)

Age Requirements/Advancement/Highest Awards—

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