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WELCOME TO ADVENTURE! Camping, cooking, exploring.... Doing things and going places that most people have never experienced.

It takes planning, learning, and practice to prepare for Adventure. And as you advance, you'll discover you've become a leader that others look up to and want to follow.

Advancement—This is where much of the learning happens. Earn your Scout rank right away, then Tenderfoot in your first month or two. Always bring your book to meetings and campouts.

Fitness—Adventures are easier, and more fun, if you're in shape. Practice fitness every day, and keep a record in your book (page 77 for Tenderfoot). There are 30-day or 4-week fitness requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, so start today!

Weekend Campouts—We camp somewhere new every month. Sometimes we can sleep inside or out, but remember that the minimum Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class campouts require sleeping in a tent.

Summer Camp—A whole week of Adventure! And a different camp every year, all over Colorado, plus Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

High Adventure—Once you achieve First Class, the Adventures get wilder and way more challenging. Spend a week or two far from civilization. Live off what you can carry. Handle summer snow, hail, even ocean waves,.... Backpack 50 miles at 12,000 feet. Paddle 260 miles near the Arctic Circle. Sail a 55-foot sloop on the ocean. Try to sleep where it never gets dark.


Important Advancement Information

"Must-Have" Books

The first, and most important, is the Scout Handbook. Girls can get the new Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls (14th Edition), and boys can get the new Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys (14th Edition). These are identical except for gender-specific photos and drawings.

Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls (14th Edition) Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys (14th Edition) 2020 Scouts BSA Requirements book

If you ever want to check the requirements for a merit badge or wonder about other special awards like Mile Swim, Interpreter's Strip, Leave No Trace, World Conservation Award, others, the 2020 Scouts BSA Requirements book (#653801, 2020 printing, $5.99; right), updated almost every year, is also quite useful. [BSA has stated that there will not be a 2021 requirements book.]

You can also find current merit badge requirements online on the BSA website at "BSA Merit Badges page".

Scout Uniform

Where to Get Scout Uniforms / Equipment—

More Information for New Scouts

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