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Troop 97 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are answers to questions which explain in part some of the factors that contribute to making a troop effective in offering quality Scouting.


  1. Just how is T97 different from the 'average' BSA troop?
  2. Is T97 an 'advancement mill' or 'Eagle factory'?
  3. Why does T97 require full Scout uniform when most other Colorado troops don't?
  4. Doesn't T97 support the local district?
  5. Why doesn't T97 attend our local Scout summer camp every year?
  6. Is T97 more expensive than most other troops?
  7. Can girls join Troop 97?

If you've got a question, please email us. We're certainly not a perfect troop, but we're always looking for ways to be better, and we're happy to answer questions about our program.

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