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Why Choose Troop 97?

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands
Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Caving by Lantern Light in South Dakota
Caving by Lantern Light in South Dakota

The Troop 97 Program of Adventure

2021 Summer Camp Summary
Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in the Colorado Black Forest

2021 Annual High Adventure "Trek" Summary

Value of Parent Involvement

Why do we strongly encourage parental involvement? Because our experience tells us that Scouts with involved parents are more likely to be successful in Scouting and in life.

Do we kick out Scouts whose parents cannot be involved or choose not to be involved? No, of course not (they need Scouting all the more). And we rejoice when Scouting helps them along. But it is also disheartening to see unrealized potential that only a parent's loving involvement can bring out.

Our experiences with over 600 Troop 97 Scouts since 1978 shows a Scout will accomplish the following on average:

If one parent is a uniformed leader or active committee member, the Scout will:

If his parents are less involved, the Scout will:

"Why I Like Troop 97" (a brief story written by a 12-year-old Scout; PDF)


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